Friday, January 10, 2014

Android Interactive Projector from TouchJet

TouchPico from Touchjet is a small handheld projectors which runs Android as the OS and lets you interact with images projected onto the screen using a special stylus. Consider it like a giant Android tablet and can be displayed on a flat surface.

TouchPico debuted at Eureka Park, part of the startup from the International CES 2014, with a demo which attracted the attention of many people which attended the event. This technology has not been responsif like a traditional touch screen, but still fast enough to be used in the base game and the navigation app. The key technology is Touchjet stylus, which emitting infrared signals - red which is detected by the projector. Touchjet can be used to replace the interactive whiteboard in the classroom, but also could be ideal for a family. For example, instead of letting your child play Angry Birds solo, you can create an event group to play together

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